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Your watch may be already dead


Indeed, there are so many requests for such repairs.

As you know, mechanical watches are moving with gears and springs. In order for the components inside the watch to engage and operate smoothly, oil is necessary as with many other machines. However, oil is no more than about five years at best, no matter how high performance it is made with state-of-the-art technology. The oil gets dry, so dirt gathers on the toothed wheel.

To use a watch as a tool is required to keep on moving without rest even 24 hours a day, 365 days a day. This is a big feature of watches and therefore it can be said that it is a very harsh condition for machines. For example, what about a car? How many days will you have with 24 hours running? Because cars involve human life, car inspection is obligatory. However, there is no such thing on the watch. With that, why do you think that “It can use yet”?

When dirt gathers on the gear, it causes a lot of friction. If you continue to move even if the oil runs out as it is, parts will wear out. The pivot of the gear is made of steel, but it incert in hole of a hard ruby stone. Please try to imagine. No matter how hard a steel kitchen knife is, if you continue to sharpen it will eventually disappear. Moving the watch with aged old oil is exactly like this.

The tip of the pivot of the gear is thinner than the core of the 0.2 mm mechanical pencil. And surprisingly, the balance staff’s pivot is as thin as human hair. And it is made with precise dimensions that can’t be allowed even if error of 1/100 mm. It is designed to show the expected performance when its premise is satisfied.

However, due to neglect of maintenance, the tenon wears out, so the original performance can not be exerted. so if you use it as it is, the watch life will be short much more than you imagine. We must overhaul such watches and guarantee their operation.

Also, as a conscience of a watchmaker, we should replace parts that have become useless. The parts of the watch are very expensive. Even a single part may exceed the overhaul price. If regular maintenance was carried out, it will be another result. It is too late when you notice after watch stop. Your watch may be already dead.

Maintenance will be carried out within 5 years from the last overhaul (or new item purchase). The watch which passed this period is not enough for overhaul, necessity of additional fee will be higher due to parts replacement and remodeling.


Atelier Do will help you solve it


What about your watch? Some people say “I just bought my watch yet”, but some people would feel uneasy as “maybe ,,,.” We determine what condition your favorite watch is. and we repair and maintenance in the correct way so that you can use it for a long time in the future.

Service characteristics of Atelier Do

  • Service and price corresponding to the state of the watch
  • Work highlights can be seen on the web “blog posting option”
  • Trustworthy technology certified by WOSTEP


【 Service and price corresponding to the state of the watch 

Have you ever been accepted for repair without checking inside of the watch, such as “it is about 50,000 yen for this brand repair fee”?

Regardless of the state of the watch, it is because of the high price setting so that profit can be conveniently raised for the merchant, even if it is not necessary to replace parts. In other words, it is a contractor-oriented price setting. For those who do not have problems with the contents of the watch and need only overhaul charges, it includes costs that do not need to pay, it is nothing other than annoying story at all.

At Atelier Do, any well-known brand will respond with a uniform overhaul charge based on work cost. As for the estimate, after confirming the internal condition of the watch checked carefully, if there is a part that needs to be replaced, we adopt a system that additional parts cost separately. If the state of the watch is different, the repair cost is different and it is natural. It is a reasonable and customer-oriented pricing structure.


 Work highlights can be seen on the web “blog posting option”

Is there anything you worried about whether they are really doing the job properly because the price is cheap? Although it is not a very good story, there bad company may be finishing just by putting only oil without disassembling and cleaning. At Atelier Do, we will completely wipe out your concerns by using “blog posting option” service.

Highlight of overhaul work We add a brief explanation to the photograph, we will publish from the decomposition photograph of parts, the assembly and lubrication, and the measurement results of characteristics to our web site. You can be sure of our repair work.

Even though about watch, I think that mostly people has never looked inside. We will also respond to your curiosity that interested to see how it is. That’s an original service of only in the “Atelier Do”, and have gained great popularity.


Trustworthy technology certified by WOSTEP

WOSTEP stands for “Watchmakers Of Switzerland Training and Educational Program”, which is a watch school with its main school in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. It is institute that in any country or region of the world, it was provided to train watch repair engineers (watchmakers) so that they can provide services with high technical standards required for maintenance and repair of Swiss luxury watches.

In the after-sales service of mechanical watches, instead of CMW, it is one of the highest qualification that is accepted worldwide at the moment. At Atelier Do, I am responsible for all watches by only me who is the technician who acquired this WOSTEP certificate.

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