[ Service flow ]

  1. Please enter the necessary information (name, email address, about of the watch etc) after selecting the radio button of “apply for service” from the  “inquiry” in the menu and contact us.
  2. Please confirm the following about the watch subject to overhaul / watch repair service.


Watch that you can keep in our workshop
   point049_04Mechanical wrist watches
   point049_04Mechanical pocket watches
Watch that can not be handled at this workshop
   point049_01Quartz watch · Solar radio watch
   point049_01Clock · Wall clock
   point049_01Digital watch · Electronic watch

Notes 》

We are dealing with the same overhaul charge regardless of the brand in our workshop, but please note that we do not accept any copies / fake brand products.

  1. We will send you a quotation receipt e-mail to the customer’s mail address from our workshop, so please check the contents.
  2. Please send the requested watch to us. Refer to the example of packing procedure.

《 example 》


Notes 》

 We do not make contact at all except by e-mail. If you send an unaccepted watch, we will refuse to take (or return it as cash on delivery).
Delivery of watch is limited to postage / home delivery. We will refuse your visit directly to the workshop.
The choice of the carrier when sending the watch to this workshop is customer’s responsible. Please use the compensation amount etc. in case of accident at your own risk. In addition, in this workshop, the loss amount to be compensated in case the loss of the watch, due to the negligence of our work including the accident at the time of transportation, and the performance of the service can not be achieved for other reasons, 100,000 yen or the market price of the target watch, whichever is cheaper one. Please note.
  1. The requested watch will make an estimate after arrival. We will contact you by e-mail with receipt number so please reply as soon as possible whether you can proceed (accept) or cancel.
  2. As soon as reply from the customer, we will start overhaul / watch repair work.



Notes 》

 The estimate may require several days depending on the case, in order to investigate the procurement availability of parts etc. In addition, we will contact you individually according to the estimate, but we will be delayed significantly unexpectedly. (In case of ordering parts from overseas, rarely a delay of more than one month) The approximate case of only overhaul is about 2 weeks to 1 month.
If you cancel without proceeding after estimate contact, we will get a predetermined estimate fee. When payment can not be made, irrespective of the reason, we can not respond to the return of the watch at all. Also the return is cash on delivery.
For cancellation after acceptance once, 50% of the estimated price will be charged.
  1. We will contact you by e-mail when the watch repair / overhaul work is completed. Payment method is bank transfer (Mizuho Bank) or PayPal.
  2. As soon as we have confirmed payment, we will return the completed watch to you. (Yamato Takkyubin · Domestic)

The above is the flow of using the service

ペイパル|Mastercard,VISA,American Express,JCB

Notes 》
With regard to the transfer fee at the time of payment, please bear with our customers though excuse me.
We will bear the shipping fee for returning finished items at our workshop. In addition, when you wish for another trader / method, we will respond to your request as much as possible on condition that you will be responsible for expenses, so please consult in advance.
If payment is not received even after two weeks or more from the repair completion notification and the subsequent contact can not be contacted, after considerable period of time the ownership of the watch is considered to have been abandoned, We will dispose of it.
The operation guarantee period of the watch after completion of service is one year. If the watch stops working within this period according to the usual way of use, or when a significant delay or advance (when the day difference differs by more than 30 seconds from the time of delivery) comes out, Since I will do, sorry to trouble you, but please contact us again.
In addition, we will repair / replace the breakdown caused by work in our workshop at the burden of our workshop. Thanks to overhaul work, please forgive some scratches, etc. that have occurred unavoidably.


Thank you very much !



 《 Display based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law 》

Name of the place of business: Atelier Do

Location of business establishment: 

3-24-9 minamidai, Ishioka Ibaraki, JAPAN 〒315-0035

Phone: 050-3574-5011

Name of Representative: Hirotaka Ando

We do not accept / correspond by telephone. Please contact us from here