” Estimated Fee “ 

Estimate Fee
Per watch ¥10,000
  • After the estimate, when proceeding with the service, it will be allocated to the total cost. (Real estimate free)
  • If you cancel the service after estimate, you will receive the above fee for one watch.

” Overhaul Service Fee “ 

Type of Watch Fee
Hand winding ¥15,000
Automatic winding ¥20,000
Chronograph ¥30,000
  • All prices including above overhaul charge include consumption tax.
  • Total amount = “overhaul charge” + “exchange parts actual expenses or part correction fee” will be.
  • The presence / absence of calendar / moon phase / dual time function is not affect for fee.
  • Regardless of brand or year, we will offer it at the same service fee uniformly.
  • Rust removal is an extra charge (¥ 10,000 ~). In addition, separate requests which are not included in the overhaul are charged.

Click here for Overhaul service “work flow”

” Polishing service fee “

Course Fee
non polish free
Hand finishing   ¥5,000 〜
〜 About the contents of work for each course 〜
  • non polish…It becomes only cleaning of the main body and bracelet.
  • Hand finishing…Remove the small scratches on the mirror surface by buff polishing & insert the hair line again. A big deep scratch can not be dropped by polishing. In addition, we do not polish to complicatedly processed parts such as bezel part and plating / painted parts etc. Also, we may refuse exterior polishing service when it is difficult to implement.


  • We do not accept service application by exterior polishing service alone.
  • Chronograph and other complicated shapes, those with a high degree of difficulty of polishing are special rates of ¥ 10,000 ~. In addition, parts exchange fee may be charged separately for exchanging exterior parts such as crown, pusher, bezel, crystal.

Click here for exterior polishing service “hand finishing”

” About option service “

Posting on blog Fee
Apply ¥15,000
  • “Blog posting option” service is underway. The repair work highlight of your watch will be made public on our website.

” Special course “

All entrusted Fee
Antique ¥100,000〜
  • It is a high-end course of a miracle that makes junk watch turn to an actual product.
  • The work and finishing that will be possible depend on your budget. For details, please contact us directly from the inquiry form.
  • For this plan only 50% of the estimated amount will be charged for estimate cancellation. (We will not respond to the return of a watch that you came in if you can not pay)
  • For this plan only, the cost will be prepaid.

” About Shipping cost “

About estimate contents burden
Accept and proceed Atelier Do
Cancel Customer
  • Please pay the shipping cost of the case of sending a watch to this workshop by the customer.
  • In the case of cancellation after estimate, Payment of the prescribed estimate fee will be charged. In addition, we will return it by cash on delivery.

” About Delivery date “

Type of Service Date

Polishing service

Changing Parts (stock)


2 weeks~1 Month


Changing Parts (order)

Posting on blog

Several Months

(Depending on reservation situation)

  • The above is a guideline for completing the service in the shortest possible time. As it may be delayed depending on the busy situation, please contact us in advance if the delivery date is important.
  • When ordering parts, it may take more than one month depending on the acquisition route.
  • Blog posting options take more time to shoot and edit, so you may get more time than normal delivery. It will also change depending on the previous situation.


” Disclaimer “

  • Significant change such as natural disasters · economic situation · If the service that was originally planned can not be accomplished due to other circumstances such as conflict or force majeure, in principle the watch will be returned as it is.
  • In this workshop, the amount of damage compensated in case of loss or damage of the watch due to the negligence of this work including the accident at the time of transportation or failure to achieve the performance of the service for other reasons, The fair market price of the yen or the target watch, whichever is cheaper, will be the limit. Please note.

* Please be aware that it will not be eligible for compensation in the following cases.

  1. Accidents and damage caused during customer’s transportation from the customer to this factory
  2. Claim on aesthetic appearance of watch (exterior finish is different from image etc)
  3. Different hands and dials from work before (such as scratches on the surface)
  • The operation guarantee period of the watch after completion of service is one year. If the watch stops working within this period according to the usual way of use, or when a significant delay or advance (when the day difference differs by more than 30 seconds from the time of delivery) comes out, Since I will do, sorry to trouble you, but please contact us again.
  • Every effort is made for the overhaul work, but in cases that the back cover of the case is stuck with rust or  when removing the second hand of the chronograph fixed very tight, it is sometimes impossible to work in the usual way. and so unavoidably minor scratches may be attached to the main body, dial, needle, etc.. Please be forewarned in advance.