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I love watches, I quit my company that I worked for before and started self-employed to contract a watch repair job. I am the only staff member. It is a small shop. When I had been my watch repair service before, “How does the watch repair work?”  I was interested in it.

So,I thought “how about starting service like that allows you to see the entire work with images on the web?” and the original service of our workshop “blog posting option” was born.

In addition, I got the certificate of world-class qualification Swiss · WOSTEP, mainly to overhaul and maintenance specialization of mechanical wristwatch. I will provide the service so that it has unique and value.

I would like to be like a familiar home doctor who can reach to niche where difficult to in a large service center. Please order the maintenance of your favorite watch by all means to our workshop.



安藤大剛     Hirotaka Ando

  • Born in 1976
  • After dropping out of the university, I get a job in IT related customer service business in Tokyo.
  • When I was 32 years old, I entered a watch school to change my life.
  • After graduating with qualification of WOSTEP, I travel to Shanghai and gains practical experience for two years.
  • After returning home, I worked for one more year at a repair specialized company in Okachimachi, Tokyo.
  • In December 2015, I realized my dreams and established a workshop to the present.

My work motto is『Do better if possible, and it is always possible』


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Name of the place of business: Atelier Do

Adress: 3-24-9 minamidai, Ishioka Ibaraki

Phone: 050-3574-5011

Name of Representative: Hirotaka Ando


We do not accept / correspond by telephone. Please contact us from here.