text018_01About guideline to implement overhaul

text018_08In 5 years the internal oil dries

Mechanical watches are driven by machines such as gears and springs. Like as automobiles , it is necessary to perform maintenance on a regular basis. Continued operation of the machine with deteriorated oil or oil out, the parts will be damaged due to wear and fatigue, so it will not return to original only by carrying out overhaul, so extra cost will be required It is expensive. Parts of the wristwatch are extremely precise and special processing and equipment are required for processing, so even if only one part exchange is done, it may become higher than overhaul cost.

It is the time of overhaul when I started to feel like I was using a watch usually “I got to be late a little lately” (or started to move forward). Especially when it is not noticed that such signs have not been noticed, as the oil in the watch has been lubricated for 5 years, degradation and drying proceed markedly even if you do not use it. We strongly recommend that you perform periodic maintenance at least once every five years, from about three years before it become.

Overhauling is carried out at least once in five years, and if it is in a working condition, there is a high possibility that performance can be recovered only by overhaul. On the contrary, the watch that has not undergone maintenance for more than 5 years often has the necessity of parts replacement even if it is actually working, so the risk that the cost will be high will be increased accordingly.

text018_01I want to know the strengths and weaknesses of Atelier Do

text018_08The advantage of overhaul skills is excellent, But there is a weak aspect for parts exchange

Regardless of brand differences and old and new, if it is only overhaul, it is an advantage to be cheap with a certain skill. We are also good at repairing parts without replacing as much as possible, keeping the parts exchange to the minimum necessary inside the movement. As a rule replacement of unrepairable parts will get you genuine products manufactured by the same manufacturer. Also, if there are universal parts that can be used equally even if there are no genuine products in the market, we will propose and always do with your consent.

However, the antique wrist watch such as the domestic in the 1960’s and 1970’s is getting older since discontinued manufacturing, and it is difficult to obtain replacement parts because they are exhausted from the market. Even with existing products, there are many cases where parts are supplied only to certain routes such as agency contracts depending on brands. Therefore, the disadvantage is that it can not respond to requests such as brands and model-specific parts (logo etc.)

the windshield of the current product cracked and crown was taken, so we want you to restore it with the same genuine parts as the original parts there is. ※ Please inquire the compatibility situation by specific brands. We may not be able to respond to your request such as crashing the current crystal or removing the crown so you want it to be the same as the original with the same genuine parts.

text018_01Do you repair with overhaul only?

text018_08It depends on circumstances

First of all, it is as follows as “Example in case of repair”.

  • Advance or delay about several seconds to 30 seconds a day
  • I do not remember hitting it or dropping it. One day suddenly stopped
  • It can wind the mainspring, it moves for a few seconds to several hours, but it stops
  • Button and crown operation are possible, but feeling is heavy or bad

Next, Repair is difficult with only overhaul “Examples of cases where you can not fix” is as follows.

  • Although it moves, it progresses or delays to 30 seconds or more a day.
  • Water entered inside (rust occurred due to moisture)
  • It stopped after adding a heavy shock
  • It can not wind the mainspring, the hands does not move at all even if I swing
  • Button and crown operation can not be performed and it will not function

Although it does not necessarily apply to 100% surely, please refer as a guide.

text018_01How much does it cost actual parts cost?

text018_08I do not know until I try to estimate

It can not be said unconditionally because it ranges from like a screw of several hundred yen to like a balance of tens of thousands of yen or more. However, at Atelier Do, we will not suggest unnecessary parts replacement unilaterally to our customers.

We are exchanging only the important part which is the minimum necessary for the watch itself to sufficiently operate. Also, if you can repair by just another way that is advantageous in terms of cost rather than just exchanging it entirely, actively to suggest multiple repair plans so that customers can choose at estimate I will make an effort.

text018_01The price may change after estimate?

text018_08Payment charge = Estimated charge

At the time of estimation, defects and defects of parts that could not be found may be discovered after the start of repair. Since the estimate is not completely decomposed, we can not confirm the state of the hidden part and overlook it. However, if it is a serious flaw that requires a new parts exchange, I think that the contractor is responsible for what we could not see at the time of estimation.

In principle, we do not charge customers for costs incurred newly in such cases at Atelier Do. The exception is that when it is impossible to obtain orders for parts that were supposed to be possible at the time of estimation in order to stop for some reason. We will propose alternative proposal at that point and this does not apply if customer agrees.

Also the same is true if there is an offer to the effect that the trust in this workshop is thick and that the customer is willing to pay additional costs. In the past, we have delivered it from the 99% estimate fee unchanged.

text018_01Parallel import goods, but is there no problem?

text018_08No problem at all

Well, it is said to be disadvantageous when repairing later if it is a parallel imported item. That is because each brand’s decision does not provide original parts for repair without regular import goods guarantee. or handicap in terms of price or conditions even if it can be ordered.

It is certain that there is no problem if it is a regular import item. However, Atelier Do does not benefit from genuine goods, but it will not be disadvantageous because it is a parallel item. Copies and fakes are of course not accepted, but if they are genuine products they are treated the same. Therefore, submitting Guarantee card (product warranty certificate) is unnecessary.

If you have a warranty card and you receive repair within the warranty period, please consult with the import source or dealer first. In exchange of exterior parts etc., there is a possibility that you can receive service under more favorable conditions than our workshop.

text018_01Quartz type watch does not correspond?

text018_08Our workshop specializes in mechanical wristwatch

Even with the same appearance of watches, the structure of the quartz watch and the mechanical watch is totally different. Many of the same professionals repairs to both, but at Atelier Do, the factory worker’s exprience of repaiering watch occupies more than 90% for the mechanical watch / pocket watch repaired.I am not very good because I was not involved in the watch repair of quartz style or other type of method. I am deeply aware of the lack of experience. At the beginning of the establishment of our workshop, we also accepted an analog quartz type watch, but it is in a state of indefinite stop now.

text018_01Why does it take two weeks for overhaul work?

text018_08Includes time for aging

Actually, the overhaul work itself is mostly one watch per day, not taking less than a day. Cleaning up the parts, the newly-machined machine will suddenly not show the best performance. The period of break-in operation is required until the oil is moderately accustomed to a stable operation. There are individual differences, not necessarily limited to two weeks, but in any case it is an important process for fine adjustment of the pace.

text018_01Is there a delay of more than one month from the estimated delivery time?

text018_08The arrival of the parts has been delayed

In addition to overhaul, if there are parts that seems to require replacement, when the same part stock is available in the country it can be procured for a relatively short period (several days). However, in our absence in Japan, atelier Do has ordered parts from overseas suppliers and so on.

The import route and price for each brand watch are totally different, and there is only chance getting in from a country with poor distribution circumstances as well, there are unavoidable.

Although it is an extremely rare case, I have also experienced cases where it is older antique items and there are no domestic stocks anywhere, and it takes over half a year to order for only one part. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.