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Please check the contents of this page carefully before applying

In this page, we introduce three patterns that are very common and major in workshops in watch overhaul and repair. If you know which pattern the watch you are going to be asking for repair, you can prevent troubles beforehand. For example, it was more expensive than you thought. Please carefully read this page before applying, please refer to which repair pattern your own watch is similar to.

* The fee of “blog posting option” (¥ 15,000) is not included in the total amount of service examples described on this page.

1. “Overhaul of the current product”

ROLEX|Date Just Ref.16234
First of all, one of the most frequent requests is overhaul of current products. In our workshop, the mechanical wristwatch manufactured in the past 20 years is generally called the “current product”. And here, it means the watch that you have used a new item you purchased yourself. However, in the past, if you are undergoing maintenance such as overhaul by a repairer other than our workshop, internal machinery may have been damaged due to the degree of skill of the technology. Likewise, there are fears such as opening the back lid by yourself or disassembling the interior, and such watches are excluded from this pattern.

“Features when overhauling the current watch”

  • In most cases, only overhaul is necessary
  • Brand-specific exterior parts (with logo) etc are not available mostly
  • There are a lot of ETA movement adopted machines, even if it is necessary to replace parts, it is relatively inexpensive
  • Total amount Price range about ¥ 20,000 to ¥ 30,000

“Repair example of pattern 1”

2.“Repair of second-hand (antique)”

OMEGA|Speedmaster Professional (145.0022)

Especially here means used goods obtained by auction etc. Regarding the antique watch, the definition varies depending on the dealer and the person, but it is treated as belonging to the second-hand goods in the broad sense in this workshop.These second hand goods mechanical watches are manufactured at an earlier time, and most parts are not stocked in the maker, so they can be repaired only if they are available at the same timing from the auction as well as the watch. Cost is also not constant as it depends on the current market price.

Also, depending on what kind of owner used in the past and what kind of repairman made the maintenance, the state of the watch varies from the one closest to the junk to the one that requires only the overhaul. I would like you to make a quote with appropriate preparedness.

“Features of repairing second-hand / antique items”

  • In addition to overhaul it takes parts exchange and special cost etc
  • Many parts are difficult to obtain, even if they are available, very expensive
  • It is inferior to the performance at the time of manufacture due to wear
  • Approximately ¥ 40,000 to ¥ 100,000 (or more)

“Repair example of pattern 2”

3.”mementoes and relics”

SEIKO|LoadMarvel 36000 Cal.5740C

Here, irrespective of the time of manufacture of the watch, the one whose watch was handed down in a close relationship such as family. Despite the fact that many of these items have been regularly used by the owner of the previous generation for a considerable period of time, it is very carefully maintained and the state are relatively good. It is easy to side feeling that I want to give it somehow as a watchmaker spirit. We are looking forward to considering your request.

“Features of repairing mementoes and relics”

  • Often you need only overhaul
  • Many things are in good condition with reliable watchmasters being maintained over the years
  • Depending on the storage situation, parts may need to be replaced due to rust etc.
  • Total amount ¥ 15,000 ~ ¥ 40,000

“Repair example of pattern 3”