Overhaul work flow

Example ” Jaeger-lecoultre|Master Moon “

jaeger-lecoultre|Master Moon (140.8.98.S)

This section explains the flow of actual overhaul work. As a repair example this time we will take up Jaeger Lecoultre master moon.


First of all, measure time by using time grapher.


Next, take out the movement from the case body and disassemble it.


The decomposition is progressing.


Put the disassembled parts in a benzine cup and carefully washing.


Expansion of the wheel train section of the main plate. Old oil stains and dirt around hole stone also fell, it became clean.


Cleaning is done up to each screw.


Parts that have been washed are stored in a case and protected from dust.


Wash and rewind the mainspring. I put a new grease.


Next, I will assemble the movement.


Check the state of the parts, the condition of engagement between parts, movement and so on. Adjust and correct the incorrect part.


For repairing, watchmaker needs many tools. This is one of these, called “Staking Tool” My favorite.


lubrication at the same time as assembly. There are many kinds of oil in the oil pot according to the purpose.


lubricating using oiler.


The base movement has been assembled. It looks very beautiful surface finish.


Here are the calendar modules going up.


When the calendar module is assembled, further set the dial and hands.


It is time to finish the casing.


Finally, while checking the characteristics with the time grapher, I will adjust the rate.


Completion After this, I have finished the test running for several days and the service is completed.